My name is Siva Kumar Rangasamy, I'm the Managing Director of M/S. Schiwarz
India Publishing Services, providers of high-quality typesetting and complete
project management service to book and journal publishers. Our specialities are
'Direct to print' PDF based outputs using INDESIGN, QUARK and LATEX.

We specialize in academic Journals and STM publishing service to produce books
and Journals quickly and accurately.

Procedures of handling foreign company requirements at our Indian Office is made
plain and simple, we offer higher quality services by working in the right
direction at a competitive price.

Since I wanted your mailbox less space occupied, I have picked up 2 sample files
for your ready reference, more samples can be found at the the following page,
You can access to more specific comple - sample files and download our company
profile too.

Our speciality includes,


1. Book and journal typesetting in colour or black and white
2. Conversion of authors’ word processor and illustration files preparation of
illustrations and artwork, including editing and origination
3. Scanning of halftones and transparencies
4. Proofing on hard copy and as Adobe PDF files
5. Final output as press-ready PDF or PostScript files to your specification
6. Processing of author-produced LaTeX files
7. Re-purposing of typeset material (e.g. As sample web files or in HTML)
8. Mathematical typesetting is our speciality

Project management

1. Copy-editing, specializing in the following subjects: physics, computer
science, mathematics, engineering, business studies, economics, management,
medicine and law
2. Conversion of authors’ word processor and illustration files mark-up of text
using standard (e.g. SGML) or publisher-specific methods proofreading (on screen
or paper)
3. Author liaison
4. Indexing
... And all of the above combined with typesetting

All work is carried out in-house: nothing is outsourced. This means that you get:

1. Consistent high-quality work
2. Greater speed of publication
3. Fewer errors caused by miscommunication
4. Reduced costs

Our client list includes

German Institute for Physics,
Authors, Publishers and Printers

If you require any testimony from one of our client, I will be glad to get it as
a reference.
What I believe is to make you believe our ability by providing us a chance,  We
would be very glad to do you a sample at no cost.
Siva Kumar Rangasamy
Managing Director
Cell Phone : +91-9884443388
HO: #58, Rajammal Lay out, Ponnia raja puram, Coimbatore 641 001.
PH: +91-422-2470948
Chennai Offices:
#4, Aiyya Pillai St, III Floor, CHennai 600 003. PH +91-44-42371009
#32, Pillaiyar Koil stop, Velachery 600 042